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Jesus’ style of ministry is God’s way. It is the only credible way!

The local church is God’s ordained ground for training.

Discipleship aids spiritual growth. It is a system that creates avenue and structures for growth.

Discipleship brings God’s influence upon the believer through a closer walk and fellowship



Discipleship is a call unto consecration.

The Christian life is practically frustrating if you’re not growing and being of use to the Kingdom.

God will only raise great ministers from good disciples.

Your soul winning cycle is incomplete until you have disciled the saved soul.

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The call to raise disciples is a high calling. It is serious work that requires labour on the part of the discipler and full cooperation from the one who seeks to be discipled.

There is a guide from the LORD, a “how to” manual for raising disciples that must be followed by everyone who wants to be a follower of Christ. These are the things elaborated on in this book.

This book draws all its inspiration from how JESUS raised His men, because He is the right and perfect example to follow. The pattern for raising disciples must be the pattern which the LORD Himself laid. He exemplified this in His three and half years of doing ministry on earth.

This book will take you on a journey that will transform your calling and help you fulfill your GOD-given assignment.
So, brace up! Ready yourself to be imparted with wisdom for the great work that lies before you.
Most importantly, be ready to practice the things that you will learn from this book.

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