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At C3 2020 this year We will look at Basics!⠀
Whether You’re new or You’re a veteran in Pastoral Ministry there are Basics that You must dearly hold on to! One of such basics is the subject of Commitment!

The local Church is lifeless without Committed Men and Women!

Many Pastors grapple with the challenge of raising committed people!

Believe me, You need committed Men and Women if Your Church will fulfil GOD’s mandate for Her!

Commitment has to be a Culture!⠀
It is not something You force on people!⠀
The thing about Culture is You don’t BUILD it, You BE IT!⠀

I’ll be teaching about this in detail at C3!⠀
Monday 4th May and Tuesday 5th May 2020!⠀

We will answer questions such as, Should You pay Musicians?!⠀
Should You Hire Pastors to work with You?
How do You raise Committed People?
Church Staff and Volunteers, what is the difference?
And many more!

Have You Registered?⠀
Be quick about it!
Register for c3 2020 here

Reverend Peter Alabi

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