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Ministers must always remember that Leadership is about influence, and therefore We must take responsibility for Our influence over people.

You should know that the people you lead will usually take cues from your posture and disposition to people, situations and opinions (among other things).

For example, “some” in your congregation will accept a minister and even the things he says or does JUST BECAUSE you invited the minister or even because they heard You make reference to that minister in your teachings.

In these days of social media, even a LIKE on Facebook or Instagram can be misleading.
This is not because Christians are gullible as some uncouthly allege, but this is what happens in ANY LEADERSHIP setting.

A minister must therefore guard his/Her influence consciously. Watch your associations. Be careful who you quote.
Don’t be everywhere nor be seen on ‘questionable’ platforms.
This is not discrimination nor disunity. It’s DISCRETION!

You don’t want lives destroyed on account of Your ‘unguarded’ Influence.
The Lord will ASK You at the judgment seat!

Always remember that the influence you wield over GODS people is as a result of His Grace that is on Your life.
You shouldn’t be found wielding this influence counterproductively.

This calls for a higher sense of Responsibility!
To be unaware and unconscious of the impact of Your influence on people is to have an unfruitful ministry or one that bears undesirable and illegitimate fruits.

I have found that taking responsibility for one’s influence as a Minister is something that MUST be Learned.
Especially because this is an area of ministry that many have abused, using it for personal vendetta.

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