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Here are a few more high points on the subject of Marriage in Ministry. I have put them in CODES.

Your spouse should be the biggest supporter and believer in Your ministry. This begins with their love and belief in You as a person, and thereafter their belief in the call of GOD that’s upon Your life.

By the same token, Your spouse should be Your voice of reason and truth. From the standpoint of love and belief in You, Your spouse should be able to tell You the truth even when it hurts.

Men of GOD are mostly guilty of silencing the voice of their Wives. This is literally Suicidal.
If You want to last in ministry LISTEN TO YOUR WIFE!
Why would You even marry a person that You do not consider sound and intelligent enough to give You good advice?

Do not marry a person who doesn’t love the Ministry genuinely.
Note, they shouldn’t love ministry just because of You, they should rather Love the Ministry because they Love the Lord!
A person who loves the ministry genuinely is one who loves people authentically because ministry is about GOD and His People – The Father and His Family!

Titus 1:8 But a lover of hospitality, a lover of good men, sober, just, holy, temperate;

Your spouse should LISTEN to what You preach.
He/She should sit and take notes when You are ministering. They should listen to Your messages after services too.
It’s dysfunctional for Your Spouse to listen more to some other preacher than they do listen to You.
You are their Pastor!
They should know Your voice, and practically LIVE out the message that You preach.
If Your spouse doesn’t obey Your teachings why should others?

Don’t make a habit of leaving your spouse behind when You’re going to Minister, especially in Your home Church.
You may not take them for all Your outside ministrations, especially if their work doesn’t permit. Also, not everybody can host You as a couple HONORABLY. But Your spouse should be under Your ministrations – it strengthens Your bonds.

Do Your best not to use ministry to settle personal matters. That is, don’t be using Your Pastoral authority to address domestic squabbles at home. Settle Your marital disputes as Husband and Wife, not as Pastor to Member.
This is one of the major reasons why Ministers’ marriages crumble.

Never correct Your spouse in public, especially before Your congregation or associates. The world already criticizes them, do not give more fuel to it.
Same with Your Kids too – NEVER correct them in public!
The negative effects of this usually comes back to bite You!

Like all Christian couples should, ensure You develop conflict resolution systems in Your marriage.
Be QUICK to Repent, QUICK to Forgive, QUICK to Forget!
You don’t want unnecessary disagreements to keep You from labouring together in prayer over GOD’s people.
This is why Your love walk must be very strong.

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