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Never be afraid to start and stand alone!

I was in my final year. I had plans to go abroad for my Master’s degree.
Having reluctantly studied a course in education for four years; Social Studies Education. I mean, imagine!

I had developed the habit of PRAYER and FASTING! So I used to pray daily at the sports centre, and I set my Mondays apart to Fast.
I did this almost without fail, from my 100 level till I graduated.

One Monday (in my final year) I fasted as usual and went to the sports centre to pray after lectures in the evening.
Right there and then, I heard the Lord say to me “stay back in Ife for Ministry”

I struggled with this instruction for a few days. But after much prayer, it became clear that this was GOD’S leading.

I must say that this was a very difficult path to take.
The uncertainties, the concerns about the future and personal well-being etc.

I knew I had no one!
I had not been Pastor of any fellowship.
So there was no influence to leverage on in any regard.

I started from the very scratch!

The secret was simple; there was no secret.
I just followed GOD!

I believe the strength to stand and start alone comes from personal conviction.

The Lord said to me one time, “Your ministry becomes authentic the day you stop doubting Your calling”.

I didn’t get into ministry because somebody prophecied me into it. I came into it because I discovered it in my personal prayer times.

I’m one of those people that most ‘big’ men of GOD always miss or skip when they’re laying hands in a meeting. Even not-so-big Men of GOD skipped my head.

And believe me, I attended many meetings all those years before I started Pastoring.
I would even seat in front rows with the hope that they would at least mistakenly look in my direction.

It never happened!

Now, some have had such experiences where a man of GOD just calls their name to confirm that they’re called, and this is good. But that doesn’t make those who never had such experiences less-called or anointed.

When it comes down to it, it is Your personal conviction that carries You through life and Ministry.

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