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One of the reasons for a ‘weak’ ministry is Opportunism!

Opportunism is to take advantage of an opportunity without regard for preparation or principle.

Don’t start a Church in a place with members or people who follow the person that has been inviting You there, especially with people that are disgruntled with Your host (who is their own Pastor).

Don’t capitalise on a crisis in someone else’s ministry to start yours.

Don’t use your influence to poison people’s hearts against a minister so You can have those same people join your ministry or follow You.

Just to mention a few…

Many have started ministry work on the above stated grounds only to regret it later.

Such work hardly ever produces fruit (Men).
It eventually brings a harvest of the same thing that You did to another – worse and bigger trouble.

The saddest part is that the cycle continues with another set of people like you.
The body of Christ has had enough of these.

Break that cycle.
Do not be an opportunist.
Be patient!

Any lasting work takes time.

Today many see people and pounce on them and start calling them “my Son”.
Someone You did not train, have not trained nor are you training.
Worse is when you now place such people over a Church or any other form of Ministry work.

Many times this is done in order to take advantage of a seeming ‘opportunity’.
I have seen that drama play out many times, and it ALWAYS doesn’t end well.

Be led by the Lord.
Ministry is His, not Ours.
Let Him dictate!
Let Him lead!

ALWAYS check with the Lord on EVERYTHING!

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