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If you are waiting to have children before you start praying for them, you are running behind schedule!!!

Engaging the power of GOD in the place of prayer on behalf of your seed, born and unborn, is your greatest feat as a parent.

It is your primary assignment. Your sole responsibility! Nobody can do this for you. Nobody can do this for them.

It’s time to Pray for your children!!

Be more intentional and strategic!!

You can pray about:
✔Their salvation,
✔Their calling, purpose and assignment,
✔Their health, and general well being,
✔Their friendships, associations and influences,
✔Their spouses and marital choices,
✔Their character and personalities,
✔Their Peace and Prosperity,
✔Their schooling and academic pathways,
✔Their safety, protection and longevity,
✔Their life experiences, and living conditions,
✔Exceptional abilities and creativity.
✔Divine Exemptions from negative anscentral flows.
✔Warfare against satanic attacks and operations of the enemy.

You can Pray about Anything and Everything that concerns them!

Everyone needs a prayer cover in life! Your children especially!

Wether they are in your loins as a single or married, in the womb or at hand..
You have a responsibility to do this for them and secure their future!

If this sounds overwhelming, keep calm and stay close.

It’s a Journey, and I am here to be that support system for you.

Kindly share this post and Tag a parent you know.

Let’s preserve the next generation of GODLY seeds by GOD!

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