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“I teach righteousness by faith to my congregation every week because they forget it every week” – Martin Luther

Repetition is stronger than truth. And this is why Repetition is the life of truth.

A person who gets bored easily may have challenges being a productive Pastor or even doing any form of ministry productively.
Reason is because Impact is a direct consequence of Emphatic Repetition!

Always wanting to say something new will lead you into error. It will also leave Your congregation half baked and fully confused.

You see, It takes time for any truth to be received and assimilated.
Then after that, people need time to grow into those things by actually DOING them!

The man I have listened to the most in my life and ministry is Kenneth Hagin.
In my 19+ years of listening to Him, I have heard Him repeat so many things and yet they sound FRESH every time!
I can boldly say Brother Hagin delivered me from the fear of repetition.

Ministry requires that You say the same things over and over again. You can be fresh all the time yet say the same things.

The Lord is committed to confirming the same Word so You mustn’t be afraid to say the same things!

It’s wise for a Pastor to teach in series. Run them for a month at least.
This is how to build an abiding work.
I, for example, started seeing better results of changed lives and growing believers in my ministry when I started doing this few years ago.

Saying the same things actually saves Your hearers too. It makes them stable!
Apostle Paul says “to write the same things to you, to me indeed is not grievous, but for you it is safe.” – Philippians 3:1

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