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There are three kinds of People around the move of GOD!

These people are put out of wits by what GOD is doing, but rather than patiently and prayerfully seek the Lord they cast aspersions and thus are hardened – unbelief!
They completely miss out!

The second category are THE MOCKERS!

These are those who scoff at what the Lord is doing.
They form carnal conclusions about what’s happening and further proceed to even label it!
Mockers at Pentecost concluded, “they are drunk with wine”!
At the crucifixion of Christ mockers ensnared themselves by saying “His blood be upon us and our children”!

People in this category usually get offended because things didn’t go their way or the way they have known GOD to go about issues!
Mockers not only miss out they outrightly get crushed by their rebellion through the evil utterances that they make!

The third and last category are THE BELIEVERS!
These are patient and open-hearted people who discern beyond the surface and obvious!
They sanctify the Lord in their Hearts with a reverent attitude that says “I may not understand completely but I Trust GOD and will therefore seek His face”!
These, therefore, partake in what the Lord is doing!

One of the things I learnt recently is that GOD doesn’t always work in ways that fit into my previous experiences of Him!
My experiences do not validate whether something is of GOD or not!

GOD is always wanting to do something In, Around, or Through You. Be patient and open-hearted to discern and align!

Be a Believer!
Don’t be a Doubter!
Don’t be a Mocker!

It’s a Blessed day!

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