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The struggle in Your prayer life today is because of the assault that the enemy is planning ahead of you!

The enemy knows that if he gets you to be prayerless today then his attack will meet with little or no resistance tomorrow!

So, wake up!
Nothing is more important than Your Quiet Time!

Should in case You don’t know what Your quiet time is, here is a simple description:
it’s time spent in Prayer ALONE with the Lord!
It’s time spent READING and/or STUDYING GOD’s Word for Your Personal Edification, not for sharing with others!
It’s time spent Ministering to the Lord in Spirit-led Worship (singing and praising the Lord both in tongues and Understanding)!

Do this DAILY!
It can be in the morning or evening!
Preferably in the morning!
Or better still both!

Start little and Grow steadily!
As little as Fifteen minutes is good to start with!

Living this way will absolutely set You in accurate steps with GOD’s plan for Your Life!
It will give You an almost totally crisis-free life!
It will make the enemy’s worst assault look like a daily task to be solved rather than an emergency that the enemy truly intends them to be!

So, start today!
And remember, We ALWAYS Win!

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