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GOD will have me charge and encourage every Christian parent out there with these words…

Isaiah 54:13
[13]And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children.

There is a translation that says “all your children shall be instructed by GOD”

As we hear news of Satan’s agenda to corrupt the innocence of young minds, we should be more awake to parenting intentionally with GOD and not give in to fear or panic-parenting.

GOD will never leave Himself without a witness, neither will HE ever lack a remnant!

What GOD is looking out for in these days, are parents who will partner with HIM to preserve the next generation!

Parents HE can equip with wisdom, knowledge and Power to raise GODLY seeds!

Are you that parent?

Do you know someone who is ready for the same?

Tag them and stay close!
GOD has gone ahead of the enemy!

Your own Children shall be taught of the LORD, they SHALL NOT be taught of the world!!!

In the Name of Jesus!!

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