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(For Ministers NOT based in Mega Cities)
If Your ministry is not situated in a major city there are TWO major things that You have to be very careful for.
1. The spirit of your location
2. The limitations of your location.
I’ll speak on the latter:
You see, from the “natural standpoint” there are more resources in megacities than in smaller cities.
The population, infrastructure, economic activity etc.
Sometimes, ministries in these smaller towns are majorly populated by students (if there are higher institutions there).
This even poses more limitation where resources for ministry is concerned.
I pastored my first EIGHT years in Ministry in a town such as this, and literally, ALL My Members were students.
You see, the devil wants to limit You and Your ministry with these natural factors, but You MUST not let him.
I’ll mention two of a few things that You MUST do:
1. Let Your Faith be BIGGER than Your location
(Don’t join them to say “all the money is in Lagos” – you’ll pay dearly if you have this mentality)
2. PRAY !!!!!!
I believe that there are very STRANGE supplies that GOD routes to Ministers in these regions – I have experienced it time and again!
You cannot access these supplies if You can’t and won’t pray!
In all those years I pastored in that town We barely had any serious income as a Church.
Yet, We went on TV from that Church.
My personal finances have ALWAYS been separate from Church finance, and I did not earn a salary.
So, I had to have HUGE FAITH to live and take care of My Family.
There’s a Faith way to these things! trips were from that town as far back as 7 years ago, and I flew Business Class on My first trip – all DEBT-free!
Went on Christmas Vacation to the UK with My entire Family from that same town.
There’s a Faith way to these things!
I’ve had My fair share of mistakes in unbelief and presumptions (and some hastiness too), but I’ve learned and still learning.

On Thursday 2nd December 2021
I’ll be sharing more on these at IMWC

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Reverend Peter Ayo-Alabi
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