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In Life there are Examples and there are Exceptions!

It’s important that You know the difference!

Examples are common to all persons and all situations!
Exceptions are unique!

One person’s exception may not be the case for You!
This is why it’s unsafe to always rush to copy what someone is doing!

Sometimes exceptions are circumstantial!
In such cases, You should never make a pattern of the exception!

For example, You didn’t pray before a ministration and yet GOD’s power flowed tremendously- this is an exception!
Do not because of this make a habit of prayerlessness in Your Ministry!

You didn’t really prepare well for a presentation yet You were awarded the contract – this is an exception!
Do not make a practice of such!

Recognize Examples and live by them!
Understand Exceptions and maximize them when and if they occur!

May the Wisdom of the Lord guide You this week!
May You enjoy Divine Exceptions on days when Your strength and ability fail You!
May You be courageous and bold to walk the path of order that brings Increase and Progress, in Jesus name!

Have a Blessed week!

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